LED Phototherapy Machine

LED Phototherapy Machine

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High radiation LED Phototherapy consist blue LED light source designed for the treatment of indirect hyperbilirubinaemia in new born


テδづつキ Easy to operate.

テδづつキ Low power consumption (12 W) compared to any conventional phototherapy system (120 W).

テδづつキ LED's emitting blue light in 450-470 nm. Specturm matching peak absorption wavelength (458 nm.) at which bilirubin is broken down.

テδづつキ Do not emit light in infrared radiation range reduction the risk of fluid loss.

テδづつキ Long life > 20,000 hrs.

テδづつキ Negligible Maintenance cost.

テδづつキ Intensity: > 25 テδづつオW / cm2 / nm.

Hevay duty mobile stand with hight adjustment facility & easy swivelling box when stand is to be used in conjuction with radiant warmer or infant trolle

テδづつキ No need to Cover eyes of the baby.

テδづつキ Mounted on castors for easy mobility.

テδづつキ M. S. Fabrication with powder coated paint .

テδづつキ Time Totalizer (Optional).